Mrs. Sucherita Divakar – Chaiperson
To serve our children and the future community of this nation is a great responsibility. I believe the greatness of our nation lies in the greatness of its people. Without our children there is no foreseeable future for anyone of us. With this great responsibility in our hands we march forward with a strong conviction to do the best we can, to empower the coming generation to dream and achieve what we could not.
It is a known fact that with evolving generation, we are falling behind in meeting the needs and expectation of a generation that thinks and acts beyond our comprehension. We thus believe that at times we need to listen more than we speak in class. We need to adapt and be able to support not suppress the child’s inquiring mind.
Today we serve 2000 students across 6 institutions in the area of Schooling, Commerce, Management, Hospitality, and Teacher Education. It has been a blessing to see our students walk shoulder to shoulder and second to none in every part of the world.
With 50 yrs of glorious service to the cause of education David Memorial today has over one lakh alumnus across the world.
Sushant Divakar – Vice Chairman
In the field of Education, there is an insatiable thirst for knowledge, skills and entrepreneurship among the youth of India, as witnessed in the explosion of gradate and post-graduate education, especially professional courses. As an established and highly esteemed institution, we maintain an utmost academic standard and are incorporated with conduct of discipline. Our strength being – pedagogy balanced with pastoral care — will be supported in equal measure to enhance the institution’s standing to deliver the best to our students.