Our Vision
“To have a transformative impact on the future generation through continued innovation in education on a global level”.
Late Dr. R. David (1900-1961) was the vision of the founding father of the David Memorial Education Society. Today, analysts predict that by 2050, India will be the 3rd largest economy in the world. All it needs to do is to channelize its youth effectively. DAVID MEMORIAL EDUCATION SOCIETY became an active participant in enabling this change. Starting from the very first stage for child development to the post graduate and professional levels of education, we at David Memorial Education Society aim to equip our students with knowledge and skills that will help them don leadership roles in the emerging future.
We see students who enter these portals as a potential human resource. By honouring their skills, by creating awareness of the latest trends in thought and action, by inculcating sound attitudes and values and by nurturing this talent capacities, we aim to turn out holistic individuals who will be true assets in both their personal and professional ambits. In turn, we hope to see these empowered individuals act as catalysts of change in the society. Our vision is to provide this cascading catalytic effect to help make India into a strong, vibrant and economically powerful democracy in the world.
Catching them young, at the nursery stage itself, David Memorial Education Society provides opportunities for our students to grow with us through school, intermediate, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It also offers professional courses to suit a wide variety of needs. Emphasis is not only on academics but on the development of a wholesome personality. Co-curricular activities, projects, field trips and celebrations of special occasions are all planned keeping this in view.
Our History
David Memorial Education Society was founded in the year, 1968 in memory of the late Dr. R. David, (Retd. Medical Officer Government of Andhra Pradesh). In June 1968 David Memorial School, Rashtrapathi Road was started with 19 students and teachers. In 1969 David Memorial High School, Tarnaka was started with 15 children and 2 teachers.
From humble beginnings, the society today serves 1500 students across 2 campuses, from varied social and economic backgrounds. We have a distinction of providing care and develop students from K.G. to P.G. level.
Today we have made a mark for ourselves for being a pioneer for education in commerce, management, teacher education and hospitality.
We are also proud of over 1 lakh alumnus who are impacting the world over and remain to be part of the David Memorial family.
The Founder
Late Dr. R. James David is a Post Graduate in Economics from Nizam College, Osmania University, and Hyderabad. He has had a varied professional career. After a short stint with Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, he joined Dunlop India Ltd., Hyderabad in 1958. In 1967 he started his own trading business. In 1968 he entered the educational field by starting some schools and later a women’s college.
He is one of the founder members of ‘Hyderabad Management Association’ which was started in the year 1964 and was elected President for two years.
He has been awarded “Member of the Year” in 1979 for his contribution to the development of Management Movement in the country in general, and Hyderabad in particular. He was conferred Honorary Membership of ‘Hyderabad Management Association’ in 1989 for his vision, dedication and commitment to the growth and development of the Association. His name is synonymous with Hyderabad Management Association even today.
He was elected as President of ‘All India Management Association” in 1989 (An apex National body for the Promotion of Scientific Management in the country). He is first to be elected to this coveted post from Andhra Pradesh. He has been conferred Life Fellowship of the ‘All India Management Association’ in 1990.
He is a Fellow and Life member of ‘Indian Society for Training and Development’, Delhi, and past Chairman of its Hyderabad chapter.