Principal, David Memorial Institute of management

Dr. Surendra Prasad is an eminent personality, who born & brought up in an academician family. He is a complete product of Osmania University, completed his Bachelor in Science (B.Sc.) from Osmania University in the year 1977 and then obtained Law Degree from O.U. in 1983 and also completed his Management Degree from College of Commerce & Business Management, Osmania University Campus in 1994.

He has wide experience in Pharmaceutical Industries. As he worked as a Regional Sales Manager in Multi National Pharmaceutical Company for 14 years.

He joined Osmania University as an assistant Professor at O.U. P.G. College, Vikarabad in the year 1994 later as Head of the Department at O.U. P.G. College, Mahabubnagar where he served their for 11 years.

Dr. Surendra Prasad also attends several seminars where he presents research papers in B Schools and Industry. He chaired numbers of seminars as a Chairperson and delivered key note address at several National & International Journals. He also a visiting faculty at Technology Management, O.U. and PGRRCDE, O.U. His vast experience in Marketing field and Academic, acts as an double edge weapon to his brilliant career.

From the Principal’s Desk.

Dear Students,

Hearty congratulations for your success at the Entrance Examination. As you explore options for the right management programme, permit me to share me experience…

True education is training of both the head and the heart. It is better to be uneducated than ill-educated. An uneducated thief may steal goods from the train but an educated one may steal the entire train. We need to compete for knowledge and wisdom, not for grades. Knowledge is piling up facts, wisdom is simplifying them. One could have good grades and a degree and still not learn much. The most important thing one can learn is to “Learn to learn”. Educating mind without morals creates a menace in society.

In this regard our Faculty keeps students in touch with the real world, while providing the theoretical knowledge about your chosen electives. While every faculty member brings a unique perspective to the class room, they all share common characteristics.

They work closely with and take a personal interest in their students,.
They are committed to making the learning environment at the college meaning full and stimulating.
They are dedicated to keeping the curriculum reflective of Latest trends and time-tested principles.

I am happy that you have expressed interest in David Memorial Institute of Management (DMIM). I wish you success in your pursuit. It is always a pleasure to be of help to you, and look forward to seeing you on campus. Wish you a bright career & better life.

(Dr. Surendra Prasad)