The Libraries

The Society library contains over 18000 vols. The library provides quiet surroundings for self study and has internet access for research work. The library also has a collection of over 1000 video and CDs on various topics. The number of books, journals and other material are annually revised and increased.

The library stock is conveniently divided into 3 libraries.

The Kings library, houses books on Commerce, History, Sciences, Arts and Literature and is located on the first floor of the college building.

The Dorothy’s Library houses books on Advanced Management topics, and also subscribes to leading national and international journals and magazines, such as The Sloan Review, HBR, and Journal of Marketing Strategy to name a few.

The Marion’s Library is a technology center which holds books on advanced programming languages and computer science engineering. The library also subscribes to international journals such as Spectrum, IEEE publications on computing graphics, multimedia, security, design and testing.

The Computer Center

The campus has 2 air conditioned computer centers with over 100 computers which are modern and house the latest configuration and enabled with high speed internet and wifi zone. The computer center runs all licensed versions of Java 5.0, Turbo C++ 4.5, Rational Rose, Oracle 9i, Red Hat Linux Enterprise Edition 4.0 and Mc Afee anti virus 8.5i.

The computer centers back bone are the HP servers that dedicatedly run windows Server, Linux, and Proxy. The entire computer center is backed up by an uninterrupted power supply system.

The management and computer science students have dedicated computer centers to enable maximum usage time. The faculty in-charge provides adequate orientation and training for beginners and new students to acclimatize them with the computer centers regulations and systems.